Saturday, July 22, 2006


Barbara Dean interviewed folk legend David Mallett, who's gigging at the Guthrie Center, for about 45 minutes. That's not David in the picture. That's somebody else.

What I could hear coming out of the studio sounded devine, and what I'm hearing on playback right now is even better. I'd give my left nut to sing like this guy.

Morells, That Mellow Saxophone

Stomu Yamashta's Go, Make up Your Mind and Go (live 1976)
ZoZo Sisters, Walk Away Renee (live 2006)
C Corea, J McLaughlin, J DeJohnette, D Holland, Los Catacombes (live 1968)
[all from]

Brian Eno, Track 4 from the Soundtrack to Glitterbug
Esquival, Dark Eyes
Letters, Nobody Loves Me
Koko Taylor, Wang Dang Doodle
The Mothers of Invention, Brown Shoes Don't Make It

Dave Edmunds / Nick Lowe, Crying in the Rain
The Troggs, Coke Commercial 1966
Massive Attack, Live With Me
Detroit Cobras, (Watch Me Eat a) Hot Dog

David Mallett interview and performance

Jackie Wilson, Lonely Teardrops
Melissa Mongan, George Bush speech about eating too many Twinkees
Bryan Ferry, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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