Friday, January 15, 2010


Well this was an odd show. I started 10 minutes late (oops) and had to leave 20 minutes early. And Jeanne Bassis and I had a chat (that I had to split from) with the very, very nice Aoife O'Donovan of Crooked Still, who was driving to their gig at Infinity Hall. But I squeezed a little music in, featuring a bunch of local stuff...

Phantogram: Mouthful of Diamonds
Rob Jonas: The Old Town (w/Katie Haverly)
Alta Mira: Tambourine

The Mooney Suzuki: 99%
Melodrome: Shelter
Mike Grutka: The Actress

The Dronez: We Are the Dronez
Big Daddy Ed Roth and the Weirdos: Hot Rod Hootenanny
Bob Crewe: The Sex Machine (fr Barbarella soundtrack)

The Hacienda Brothers: What's Wrong With Right?
Wayne Cochran: Get Down With It
Preston Love: Kool Ade

Crooked Still Interview

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