Saturday, December 11, 2010

12.10.10 X-MAS IN HELL PT. 1

Oh Gawd. The fifth annual. This is an approximation of what was played because I didn't write anything down, and my co-pilot Ted and I decided that the show would go better with Pappy Van Winkle, which may have been a mistake. We'll test that theorem again next week, when we play 2 hours of funky X-mas music.

Unknown: Trumpet Christmas

Vybz Kartel: Gaza Christmas (feat Fat Ryno)
Bullwinkle J Moose: Safe Driving Message
King of Pants: Alala Falala Hasselhoff
Kitt: A Knight Rider Christmas

Crosby Brothers: 4-Star Fall and Christmas Campaign 1960
Listen to English: Christmas House Bling
Poly Styrene: Black Christmas
The Evolution Control Commission: The Christmas Wrong
Pet Shop Boys: Jingle Bells

DJ Schmolli: Back Door Santa Getting It On
Unknown: Messiah Fail
Tim Wilson: Darryl Stokes (That Dumb Sonofa) Almost Shot Santa Claus
Johnny Rabb: Lucky For Christmas

Vintage Chimps: The Yuletide Log
Mervin Shiner: Snowy White Snow and Jingle Bells
Ray Oddis: Ralph the Newspaper Boy

The Sensational Little Shana Lynne: Mr. Russian Please Don't Shoot Down Santa's Sleigh
Lee Arnold: A Trucker's Christmas
Commander Cody: Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Christmas

Unknown: The Cat Carol
Elton Britt and the Pinetoppers: Christmas in November
Nancy LaPlante: Debbie's Last Christmas

Four Seasons: Silent Night
The Going Thing: Silent Night
Carrie Lanza: Bubble tub

Brak: Twelve Days of Christmas
Cree Indians: Twelve Days of Christmas
Lucky Luck: The Twelve Days of Christmas
Gred and Forge: The Twelve Days of Wizard Christmas
Straight No Chaser: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Al Berry: WPLA PCHA XMas Pgm
Turkish Guy: Jingle Bells
Astronaut Frank Borman: Christmas Greetings From Space
Unknown: A Leonard Cohen Christmas
Drugstore XMas Greeting
Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band: X-Mas at K-Mart
Timmy Christmas: Christmas Fever

Rick Blackson: Helicopter Santa Clause

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