Saturday, August 02, 2008


Right on. We're in. It was hectic, I'm on the air, Ananda's labeling things, people are learning the new ropes, my battery's crapping out, etc. But the new studio is glorious....

Ananda Shankar: Jumpin Jack Flash

Girl Talk: In Step
Rockin' Rudy Hansen: The Mambo Queen
Jack Bruce & Robin Trower: So Far to Yesterday

Ensemble Galilei: Scolley's Reel
Yardbirds: Over Under Sideways Down
Scott H. Biran: Been Down too Long

Bootleg Tonic: Give It To Me Slowly
The Roost: Sunday After Monday
Ramones: I Believe in Miracles

Don Bowman: The Other Ringo
Paul McCartney: Come and Get It (demo for Badfinger)
Twenty-Twos: She Does

T-Bone Burnette: Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Soul Wax: NY Excuse
Skatalites: Third Man Ska
Dirty Cumbia: Charanga Cakewalk

Sara Wasserman: Fly Away (w/ Aaron Neville)
Meredith Monk: Walking Song

Claude Boone: Burglar Man
Fatboy Slim: Rockafella Skank

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