Friday, March 06, 2009


I stumbled on this sick compilation of early funk stuff. Killin'!

Randolph Brothers: What It Is (Pt. 1)
Johnny Thompson: Main Squeeze
Ronnie Fray: Little Jimmy Jones

Billy Sha Rae: Let's Do It Again
Bobby Husband: Man's Best Friend
Dossie Terry: Soul Food

ST4: Funky
Tony Clarke: Ghetto Man
Jade: Boodi Shakes Money

Jackson Highway: Snake Eyes
Lorenzo Holden: The Wig2
Pearl Reeves: Cool With a Groove

Harvey Clark: Do Your Own Thing
Transitional Funk Company: Funafied
Eddie James: Her Mama Won't Leave Us Alone

Funkhouse Express: Music Makes You Move
Gentle Persuasion: Rub Your Stub
Groove Street Band: Shake Your Pants
Herb Day: Shakin in My Boots

Jerry McCain: Funky Down Easy
Vernon Garrett: Think People
Walter Davis: Baby Wachdoin to Me

Jim Horne: Hey There Jim
Michael Jay Coleman: I'm a Lover Not a Fighter
Erskine: Let Him Fix It

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