Saturday, August 22, 2009

8.21.09 Tod Mack and FoDFestQQQ

While another downpour rolled in we had a visit from the lovely and talented Todd Mack, and we talked about FoDFest 2009, his annual nationwide (and maybe international?) tour that spreads the love in memory of his friend Daniel Pearl. This Sunday: Hike and Hootenanny with John Gorka!!!

Then the coast-to-coast tour.

Go now to to find out more!

No Cheese Shack this week, so I kept going 'til 5, pausing briefly to fix the clogged drain and mop up the flood inside with Asa Hardcastle!!! Community radio!!!

Morells: That Mellow Saxophone

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: The Frog and The Peach
Patricia Barber: Alfie
Super Session: Stop

Jefferson Airplane: She Has Funny Cars
Audrye Sessions: Julianna
Steinski: The Payoff Mix
Hank Williams: Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do

Todd Mack!!!

Tasmin Archer: The Lords of the New Church
Tin Hat Trio: Willow Weep For Me (w/Willie Nelson)
Richard Thompson: I Am Mr. Dead

Dave Edmonds: Singin' the Blues
Bottle Rockets: The Long Way
Matthew Sweet and Suzanna Hoffs: Couldn't I Just Tell You (Rundgren cov)

Dead Can Dance: Persian Teardrop
Specials: Gangsters
Talking Heads: First Week / Last Week

Thievery Corporation: Radio Retaliation
Hi-Standard: Tinkerbell Hates Goatees
Curley Langley: Linda Lou
Any Trouble: Second Chance

New Pornographers: Mutiny I Promise You
Kinks: I'm a Hog For You Baby
Wilmer Alexander, Jr.: Give Me One More Chance

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