Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well, that was a blast. After Jeanne Bassis had her way with Chris Smither (I was outside the studio and the whole building was shaking. The playback reveals some incredible blues going on, and any conversation with Jeanne is definitionally fun. She is a walking riot). Thanks Jeanne! Anytime!

Then at 4 sharp Sibylle (pronounced si-BILL-ah) and Robbie (pronounced DUDE-man) Baier (pronounced BUY-er) showed up for a sit-down. Sibylle was sweet as the day is long, and a great person to interview. The artistic sensibility pours out of her, as does her abiding affection and respect for her son. She made me play a recording Robbie made with a friend when he was ten years old. Not surprisingly, it rocked.

Sibylle sang great, the songs transposed down as much as an octave, but her voice retains that haunting, intimate allure. And she played guitar, the same guitar, in fact, that she recorded The Colour Green with 35 years ago.

She was only ready to play two songs, and that was enough. Her presence, her stories, and her charm carried the day. I hope she'll be back, maybe when the next record (of a number of old recordings, and, yes, a bunch of new ones) comes out.

And if you didn't hear Todd Lewis's interview with Rosanne Cash that aired last night, you really missed something. Watch out for the replay.

Chris Smither interview and performance (with Jeanne Bassis)

The Morells, That Mellow Saxophone
Jackie Leven, And You'll Never Hear Surf Music Again

Melodrome, High Noon Breakdown (feat. Robbie Baier)
Maya Solovey, Linger (prod. by Robbie Baier)
Hector on Stilts, Mom's in Love Again (close personal friends of Robbie Baier)

Sibylle Baier interview and performance

Material, Black Light
Patricia Barber, The Beat Goes On

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