Friday, April 21, 2006


Sweet Jesus, what a glorious mess. I spent most of the show trying to revive an ailing laptop so Myong's show (Kimchi Shelter, which runs right after The Splatto Festival) could run off of it.
As it turned out, Myong fixed up an alternative laptop, so it all worked out. But I was highly distracted the whole time.

Sky Smeed showed up to hump his gig in Lenox Saturday night, and played three new songs on the air. One of the songs, all of one day old, was about the GB kid who just got sent to prison for two years on a pot bust. Sky's incredible. Dude knows how to write a song and how to sing a song. Buy his CDs and go see him when he's playing out.

One technical glitch: During the first set (which included a George Bush impersonator reading speeches written by 7-10 year olds) I tried to stream a wonderful Bush parody from the Huffington Post, but the internet connection wasn't cooperating. But you can (and should) listen to what I was trying to play here.

Next week: in-studio performance by Radio Free Earth. And we're working on a live Sibylle Baier performance, maybe in May. Spread the word!

Morells, That Mellow Saxophone

Lumi Sugazawa O'Neill
, George Bush speech
rx, Imagine / Walk on the Wild Side (vocals, GW Bush)
Melissa Mongan, George Bush Speech
The Honeydrippers, Impeach the President
Hannah Cohen-Sidley, George Bush Speech

Sky Smeed performance, and a gott-dammed good one, too.

Haale, Again / Baz, Again
Big Audio Dynamite, Rush
Ry Cooder, Three Cool Cats
Donny Hathaway, More Than You'll Ever Know

Seal (w Mickey Dread), Lips Like Sugar (Echo & the Bunnymen cover)
Yann Tomita, Love
The Boxtops, Soul Deep
Patty Larkin, The Letter

Iggy Pop, I'm Bored
Too Much Joy, Clowns
Cheap Trick, Surrender
The Kinks, All the Day and All of the Night (BBC Sessions)

John Lennon, You Can't Do That
John Lennon, Here We Go Again
John Lennon, Peggy Sue
John Lennon, Be My Baby
(all from the 1972 Rock and Roll Sessions bootleg posted at Bigozine)

Sufjan Stevens, The Man From Metropolis Steals Our Hearts (live at the Triple Door, KEXP-FM broadcast, July 23, 2005)
Sibylle Baier, The End

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