Saturday, March 18, 2006

03.17.06 Hi dee skiddly hmm dee hmm

While hardly anybody else here in GB seemed to notice, it was St. Patrick's Day, fer chissakes. After living in Albany, where SPD is like New Years Eve, the Super Bowl, and your 21st birthday rolled in to one multi-day beer and whiskey sodden mess, it's mighty strange to live in a place where the day is all but ignored. The only big celebration near here that I saw was some high society deal in Lenox that featured ballroom dancing. That is not St. Patrick's Day. That is Lenox, continuing to celebrate "the gilded age", when industrial robber-barons ruled the roost, having gotten fat and rich on the exploitation of Irish labor, among other things.

So we did what we could. I mentioned on the Thursday AM show that I was going to be playing Irish music on Splatto and later that morning I got a call from Dominick, a cool Irish guy who fixes my car, and who runs Autobahn, a garage that fixes German cars on South Main St. He told me that he had hundreds of Irish CDs and MP3s and offered to burn me up some. So a lot of this show is stuff from Dominick. I really like the girl who sings for Dervish. Thanks, man!

I was suffering from a debilitating cold so I mumbled briefly between sets with what voice I had left, let the music fly.

Original Symptoms, Hey, Nice Vette

The Baltimore Consort, The Fiddler's Contemt, The Kerry Star, The Goroum
Iona, Reels
Seven Nations, Amy's Reel, Kelsey's Wee Reel, A Skyedance Reel, Paddy's Leather Breeches, Malts in the Optics, Kelsae Brig

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady, Mary & the Soldier
Lukasa, Latterdys / Crock of Gold
Mick McCauley, Ril Gan Ainm / Shifting Gravel

Eleanor McEvoy with Mary Black, Only a Woman's Heart
Flogging Molly, Don't Let Me Die Still Wonderin'
The Pogues, The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Enter the Haggis, Gasoline

Danu, The Garsun Who Beat His Father
Patrick Street, The Humours of the King of Balleyhooley
Dervish, There was a Maid in Her Father's Garden
Solas, The Vega Set

The Fureys with Davey Arthur, The Lonesome Boatman
The Fureys with Davey Arthur, The 12th of Never
The Fureys, Green Fields of France

The McKrells, Cula Na Draguin
Hair of the Dog, Some Say the Devil is Dead
Jeff Strange, Matty Groves

Dervish, Midsummer Nights Medley
Bothy Band, Martin Wynne's / The Longford Tinker
Dervish, Red Haired Mary
Altan, There's a Fair Tomorrow

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