Friday, March 31, 2006


Maybe I should have played Spinal Tap's Big Bottoms after all. No calls, no letters, no bomb threats. Ah well, maybe somebody learned somthin'. Then again, maybe nobody was listening.

Anyway, my esteemed dude-man Robbie Baier showed up around 3:30 with an armload of CDs and an acoustic guitar, and we just had the best time. At least I did. We listened to stuff he did going back to his early 90's days in Berlin, brought it forward to some stuff from his extraordinary band Melodrome, he played a brandee-new song live, and we listened to a couple songs off his Mom Sibylle Baier's "new" CD. Turns out Robbie's Mom recorded these songs 35 years ago by herself in her room, Robbie just dusted them off, and J Mascis got her a deal with this label down to Athens GA. Her stuff is wild, like a folkie Nico record.... This is the hipper-than-thou record of the year, and it's exceptional. No kidding. Talk about it only in hushed tones. It's' a great record. My goal is to get her to tour. And I wanna be in the band.

Robbie and I could easily have gone on for about 12 more hours, and soon we will.....

We started with all the stuff in the following post, and then we played:

Eilen Jewell,

The Blind Boys of Alabama (feat. Chrissy Hynde and Richard Thompson), In the Bleak Mid-Winter
Robert Palmer, Sailing Shoes, Julia.....

Pearls at Swine, Absolutely Sure
Pearls at Swine, Don't Look Away
Robbie Baier, Whiskey, Whiskey
Melodrome, North Dakota
Robbie Baier, Save The Bell (live world debut!)

Graham Isaacson, Fix You

Sibylle Baier, Tonight
Sibylle Baier, I Lost Something in the Hills

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