Friday, April 28, 2006


Lovely performance today by Radio Free Earth, a husband and wife folk duo, Josh and Kim Wachtel, from up the road in Plainfield. We decided the best way to go was for them to run for 4-5 songs at a time, which is the best way to go. Me the hell out of the way. They played for an hour; we had the window open in the studio and Myong said you could here them loud and clear out on the street. Cool. Radio Free Earth was fun, smart, socially conscious w/o being stupid about it, and they really sounded great in the headphones. They'll be back, I hope.

Morells, That Mellow Saxophone

Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Intro / Like Sonny
Hi-Standard, Tinkerbell Hates Goatees
Daedelus, Just Briefly

Sam Bush, Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man)(Randy Newman cover)
Lords of the New Church, Open Your Eyes
Big Walter & His Thunderbirds, Pack Fair and Square

Radio Free Earth performance

Massive Attack, Live With Me
Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Blue Turns to Grey
Nick Lowe, When I Write the Book

Dondero High School A Capella Choir, Fox on the Run (Sweet cover)
The Spongetones, Metal Mother World
The Electric Express, It's the Real Thing, Pt. 1

Ahn Trio, Oblivion (Astor Piazolla arrangement)

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