Friday, October 19, 2007

10.19.07 Haylie and Sammy

Haylie and Sammy Brown stopped in for a few songs, in advance of their gig tomorrow night at the Monterey General Store, which is officially one of my favorite joints. Except they don't allow drinking there, which is weird, because they sell a lot of nice wine there. I suppose one could drink in the car.
Tonight: Road trip with Dave Barrett, Larry Chernicoff and Phil Johnson to go see Anthony Braxton at RPI. Oh Boy!

Ananda Shankar, Jumpin' Jack Flash

Anthony Braxton, Composition No. 286 Part 1

Ween, Monique the Freak
John Lennon, Scared
Nada Surf, See These Bones

Leeroy Stagger, Where I Live
David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness, The Twelve Tribes
Mary Ford & Les Paul, How High the Moon

Sweet Cherries, Don't Give It Away
Detroit Cobras, Weak Spot
Helene, This Is All We Have To Know

Haylie and Sammy Brown Rock the House!!!!

Big Star, September Girls
Talking Heads, New Feeling
New Pornographers, Twin Cinema

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