Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9.12.08 I'M SO VERY LATE

Tony Clifton, man. Go to and read all about it. That was later the same night. Earlier I sat in a dark studio, watched it rain outside, and played this stuff, which at least I enjoyed very, very much:

Original Symptoms: Hey! Nice Vette!

Jeff Beck Group: Goin' Down
Emmylou Harris: Deeper Well (outtake from Bigozine)
A-Ha: Analogue

Allman Bros: Don't Keep Me Wonderin' (1970 Bigozine boot)
Rev. Emmet Dickenson: Hell and What It Is
Allmans: Trouble No More (1970 Bigozine boot)
Rev. JC Burnett: Gambler's Doom
Allmans: One Way Out (1970 Bigozine)

Ricardo Ray: Nitty Gritty
Roy Head: Treat Her Right
Dave Edmunds: Almost Saturday Night

Hayseed Dixie: War Pigs
Arthur Wilkinson: Beatle Cracker Suite
Graham Parker: I Discovered America

John Prine: Sam Stone
Dixie Hummingbirds: Goodnight
Melodrome: Just Like That

3 Mustaphas 3: Szegerely Farewell
Tom Robinson Band: 2468 Motorway
Derek Trucks: Joyful Noise

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