Friday, July 18, 2008


The last show at the old studio. Everybody dug the place, but it's a new era now. We need room bad.
About 15 minutes after I assured the listening audience that weather was gonna be just ducky for the weekend, we got slammed with a violent storm, hail stones the size of testicles!

Morells: That Mellow Saxophone

Al Q: Skydiver Band (World premier!)
Rob Kendt: Suspicious Parties
Howard Tate: Plenty of Love
Dame Shirley Bassey: This is My Life

Deee-Lite: Groove is in the Heart
Ronnie Gee: Raptivity

Daryl Hall: Dreamtime
Steely Dan: Dirty Work (feat Bonnie Raitt)
Buck and Sandy Dharma: Baby It's Cold Outside

Joe Jackson: I'm the Man
Tourists: I Only Want To Be With You
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Hole in One

Chad & Jeremy: Progress Suite Editorial
Don Labriola: Revolution #9

Manteca: Afro-Funky
Stanton Moore Trio: Thanks
Stephanie McKay: Jackson Avenue

Fiona Apple: Get Him Back
Beatles: Any Time At All
Tom Petty: Needles and Pins (w/Stevie Nicks)

Rockpile: Teacher Teacher
Flaming Fire: Gun Through a Razor

Who: Sparks (1969 Soundboard boot)

Friday, July 11, 2008

7.11.08 CARTOONS

So this week some pals tried to outdo one another by posting old cartoon frames that have sick double entendre meanings. Thanks to Greenberger, Alcue and Durlak for this utterly tasteless collection of ephemera.

France Gall: Music to Watch Girls By

Robert Randolph and the Family Band: Deliver Me
Jeff Beck Group: Got the Feeling

The Flairz: Rock and Roll Ain't Evil
Clipper Cowbridge: Soda Pop Shop
Big Star: Thirteen
Wild Man Fisher: When You're Young at Heart

Lee Fields: Could Have Been
Barbara Lewis: Hello Stranger
Chicago Transit Authority: Liberation

Ray Davies: The Getaway
Marvin Pontiac: I'm a Doggy
Gene Pitney: Town Without Pity

Loop Guru: Through Cinema
Shakira: Whenever, Whereever
Haale: Floating Down

Stevie Wonder: Born to Love Her (live boot 1973)
Never Been Kissed: Catch a Falling Star
Flaco Jimenez: Carmelita (w/ Dwight Yoakum)

Bobby Previte & the New Bump: I'd Advise You Not To Miss Your Train
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Ereki Di Go
Power Station: Some Like It Hot

Rob Kendt: Oops I Did Bungalow Bill
Lene Lovich: Lucky Number
Four Seasons: Walk Like a Man