Saturday, October 06, 2012


Thanks to Oakes and Smith for stopping by and PLEASE stop by again.
And thanks, as always, to Ted Potrikus for driving over and co-hosting.

President Barack Obama: Let’s Stay Together
Tarzan TV Theme
Morells: That Mellow Saxophone

Billy Arnold and His Strangers: A Cowboy Has To Sing
Eddie Holland: Little Miss Ruby

Jeff Beck Group: Got The Feeling, Ain’t No Sunshine, Ice Cream Cakes, Definitely Maybe, New Ways (BBC boot)

Roy Mantrell: That Mellow Saxophone
Smiley Lewis: I Hear You Knocking

Ed Grimley: The Fella Who Couldn’t Wait For Christmas
Blotto: Let’s Eat
Mountain: Never In My Life

Eric Margan and the Red Lions: An Ocean Blue
Justina and Joyce: Forest Green
Calexico: Para

Van and Titus: Cry Baby Cry

Oakes and Smith interview and performance

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