Friday, May 11, 2012


One of my favorite people stopped by today.  Thanks  Matthew!  Local photographer Cassandra Cohn was snapping for a new local magazine, my dog Kimchi chewed through two headphone chords.  This is what you call good times.

President Barack Obama: Let's Stay Together
Tarzan Television Theme
Morells: This Mellow Saxophone

Bloodrock: DOA
The Royal Jesters: Rocks In My Pillow
Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas: I'll Keep You Satisfied

Led Zeppelin: I Can't Quit You (live boot 1970 Paris)
Antigone Rising: Fat Bottom Girls
New York Dolls: Gimme Luv & Turn On The Light

Al Kooper/ Mike Bloomfield/ Steven Stills: Season of the Witch

Matthew Carefully interview and performance

Kamikaze Hearts: Defender
Matthew Carefully: Right Behind You
Matthew Carefully: Sleep 3

Bob Azzam and His Orchestra: Batucada Por Favor
Beach House: Myth
Bobby Rydell: Honey Buns

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