Friday, May 08, 2009


NRBQ: Wild Weekend

Dick Shawn: The Cockamamie
Little Joe Cook and the Thrillers: Funky Hump
Scramblers: Beatle Walk

Shalimar and His Friends: Voodoo Mash, Pts 1 & 2
Don Covay: The Popeye Waddle
Metronomes: Chicky Goo

DDT & the Repellents: The Fly Swatter
The Lively Ones: Bugaloo Movement
Combo Kings: the Slow Fizz

Oscar Bishop: Oscar's Dog
Lateers: The Smock
Freddy Cannon: Everybody Monkey

Discorobics: Hokey Pokey Disco Instruction
Little Richard: Hokey Pokey
Shonen Knife: Hokey Pokey

Luther Little: Du De Squat
Charles Sheffield: The Kangaroo
Chris Montez: Let's Do the Limbo

Flame N King: The Whip
Bruce Coefield: Cha Cha Twist
Tyrone D'Saurus: Monster Twist

Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers: Let's Do the Boston Monkey
Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds: Get Down

Elvis Presley: Do the Clam
Cal Jenkins: The Elbow
Lester Young & His California Playboys: Wobble
Bob & Earl: The sissy

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