Saturday, December 24, 2011


For the most joyous of holidays, you can download yesterday's XMas in Hell show HERE

In hindsight, the full hour of XMas death songs may have been a bit much--60 minutes of down-tempo badly recorded country weepers about somebody croaking around X-Mas time. Although two of the "Christmas Without Daddy" songs actually involved divorce, not death. Oops. But as Ted pointed out: "That's OK, we probably should lighten the mood a little anyway." Best off-air quote from Ted, while handing me a CD: "I'm pretty sure somebody dies in this one, but I didn't listen all the way through."
Well, be thankful we didn't play the 6 minute tune in which the kid dies at the end WHILE SITTING IN SANTA'S LAP. Yes, even we have our standards.

Hugs and kisses to the LEGENDARY Erin McKeown for calling in and and being a pal!

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