Friday, February 16, 2007

2.16.07 Post Blizzard Extravaganza

The second family car I remember was a '61 Dodge Pollara like this, 'cept it was a wagon and powder blue. Push-button transmission. They knew how to make cool cars back then.

Sammy and Hailey Brown were in today. Sammy's great, but his daughter Hailey? Watch out. Can't wait to hear the play-back of this one. Girl got voice!

Morells, That Mellow Saxophone

Fantastic Johnny C, Boogaloo Down Broadway
Flaming Groovies, She Said Yeah
Jason & the Scorchers, Absolutely Sweet Marie
Alvin Cash & the Crawlers

Ronnie Spector, Out in the Cold Again
Tres Chicas, Rhapsody
Jim Fassett, Buffo

Sammy and Hailey Brown performance and interview

Jeff Beck Group, Plynth (Water Down the Drain)
Tony Joe White, I Want My Fleetwood Back
Olympics, the Same Old thing

The Anthem Choir, FCCFU
Rodney Crowell, The Obscenity Prayer
James McMurtry, God Bless America
Bob Holman, We Are the Dinosaur
386rx, Layla

Iggy & the Stooges, My Idea of Fun
Frank Black, John Barlycorn

Larry Chernicoff, Windhorse

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