Saturday, January 12, 2008

1.12.08 Dr. Dave for a Day

Filled in for Dr. Dave's Saxophone Power Hour(s) and played all regional saxophonists, primarily players from around Albany. They's some mighty fine playas y'all.

Morells: That Mellow Saxophone

Nick Brignola: Body and Soul
JR Montrose: Chaftic
Empire Jazz Orchestra: Cottontail (feat. Nick Brignola and Leo Russo),
Toads of the Short Forest (feat Kevin Barcomb)
Joey Thomas Big Band: I've Got You Under My Skin (fr Sinatra Sessions)
Sharks: How Can I Give You What I Haven't Got
Outta Control Rhythm and Blues Band: Inside These Walls
Refrigerators: Refrigerator
Keith Pray: Dis is Dat Blues
Cole Broderick Quartet: Winter in Saratoga (feat. Marcus Benoit)
Axe Iron Suns: Sean's Day-Glo Pants (feat Steve Lynch)
Mother Goose Jazz Band: Fuzzy Wuzzy (feat Mark Vinci)
New Regime Band: Joyride (feat Eric Walentowitz)
Mr. Zipp: In The Heat of The Night (feat Gary Windo)
Gary Windo: Ghosts
Brian Patneaude Quartet: No Matter
Jeff Siegal: The Graz is Greener on the Other Side (feat Erica Lindsay)
Nick Brignola: untitled track @

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