Saturday, February 24, 2007


Jeb and Clayton from the redoubable Hector On Stilts
joined the fun prior to their gig at Helsinki. They killed. And the gig was a blast, too.

Judging by the phones, the first hour was mooey pop-you-larr. Folks was digginit. That's a-nice.

Morells, That Mellow Saxophone

Sonny Boy Williamson, Bring it on Home
Nina Simone, Sinnerman
Frankie Laine, Rawhide

Lightnin' Rod
, Doriella Du Fontaine (feat Jimi Hendrix and Band of Gypsies)
Haale, Floating Down

LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk is Playing at My House
Jet, Look What You've Done
Richard Thompson, Oops, I Did it Again (fr 1000 Years of Popular Music)

Bryan Ferry, Don't Think Twice Its Alright
Boneshakers, Cold Sweat

Altan, Daily Growing
Mark Lanegan, One Way Street, No Easy Action

Hector on Stilts interview and performance

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