Friday, February 18, 2011

2.18.11 Prezzy Day Weekend

Yup, JFK had a Welshie.

You can download the first two hours of this marathon show for a while right here.

Morells: That Mellow Saxophone

Blue Rodeo: 'Til I Am Myself
Annie Lennox: Ghost in My Machine
James Gang: The Bomber
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Hole in One

Tonto's Expanding Head Band: Cybernaut
Henry Mancini: Lujon
The Paris Sisters: Lonely Girl

Rav Schmuel: Protocols
Shakers & Bakers: In Me Canoe
Heaven Seventeen: Fascist Groove Thing
Jesus H. Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse: Happy Me

Charles Lloyd Quartet: Caroline, No
Fairport Convention: Tam Lin
Mink DeVille: Keep Your Monkey Away From My Door

Nicholas Urie: Winter: My 44th Year, Round and Round (Poems of Charles Bukowski)

Charlie Watts Riots: The Narcissist
Jethro Tull: A Song for Jeffrey
Pretenders: Space Invaders
Skeletons: Trans Am

Tullio de Piscopopo: Dodiciottavi
Sun Ra: Nothin' for Nothin'
Vincent Nguini and Maloko: Cold Sweat

Byrds: Feel a Whole Lot Better
Leaves: Hey Joe
Searchers: Hearts in Her Eyes
Dave Edmunds: Girls Talk

Ceu: Bubuia
Gloria Jones: Tainted Love
Screaming Trees: Nearly Lost You

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