Saturday, February 24, 2007

2.24.07 Saxual Orientation

Filled in on Dr Dave's Sax Power Hour. Dr. Dave's in Mexico. Bastard.

Up there is the Splatter Trio, taking a break from a paintball contest to recreate the aura of Atomic Rooster. And then there's the immortal Gary Windo (Carla Bley, Robert Wyatt) slumming it up with Blotto, probably around 1982.

Since Dr. Dave's way too modest to play his own stuff on the radio, I figured I'd do it. Fabulous.

Roy Montell, That Mellow Saxophone
Splatter Trio, Dear Jonathan (feat Dave Barrett, sax)
Banda Elastica, Azul Ocre (feat Dave Barrett, alto sax)

Material, Black Light (feat Wayne Shorter, soprano and tenor sax)
Jerseyband, Tube

Terry Adams, Out the Windo (feat Marshall Allen, sax)
Gary Windo, Deep Water

Joel Chadabe, Echoes of Brazil (feat Bruno Spoerri, sax)
Brain Patneaude Quartet, Release

Habana Sax, Wapango

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