Friday, January 25, 2008


Yes, it's a real record.

Thanks to Frank for sending me the Hampton Grease Band this week; You're welcome to Ted for introducing you to The Spongetones, and do enjoy the three Spongetones albums you bought online while listening to them on the show; and yes, Karen, why the HELL doesn't someone book Tony Joe White into the Mahaiwe.

ooedo no hikeshi: Smoke on the Water (off YouTube)

Hampton Grease Band: Halifax
Billy Lee Riley: Flying Saucer Rock and Roll

Spongetones: Part of Me Now, She Goes Out With Everybody, Eloquent Spokesman
The Fut: Have You Heard the Word
Better Beatles: Eleanor Rigby

Usha Uthup: Chhupka Kaun Aya (M. Jackson cover)
Yamasuki: Yama Yama
Wall of Voodoo: The Morricone Themes

Dr. Frankenstein: Theme from The Mad Thinker
Los Plantronics: Sheena is a Punk Rocker
Rokker: Who's a Punk? Your Mother
Warren Smith: Ubangi Stomp

Thee Shams: Not Gonna Make It
Jon Dee Graham: Twilight
Tony Joe White: Tunica Motel

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