Saturday, March 17, 2007


This photo is entitled "Irish Yoga."

Today's show was going to consist of me playing Irish music to remind the Southern Berkshires that it was St. Patrick's Day, which no one seems to appreciate hereabouts. I am of the opinion that a holiday that promises guilt-free drinking and bad behavior ought to be celebrated heartily. I had on-deck a bunch of the connoisseur stuff that my ace mechanic Dominick burned for me last year, and a healthy dose of my Celtic pals The McKrells, Jeff Strange, and Hair of the Dog.

But then I noticed that Todd Lewis's installment of Hear Here (showcasing all of the live music coming up in the region this week) didn't air at 1 PM like it was supposed to, and I know that he busted his ass to pre-record the damn thing. It appeared that the reason for the show's disappearance was that the computers at the studio weren't on speaking terms. Todd's show was sitting on one computer, and it couldn't get to the 'puter that was actually broadcasting. So I walked Todd's show from one room to the next and threw it on at around 3:30, after a nice interview with chanteuse Christina Dellea.

I wound up playing 1 1/2 Irish songs, starting at 4:50PM Maybe I'll just do an Irish show in a couple of weeks to maintain the O'Karmic balance of the world.

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