Saturday, March 15, 2008


Superstar alert. I met Georgiana (she's the one on the right.....) in a parking lot in Pittsfield three weeks ago--she was giving a stockboy a copy of her new CD, and I alertly asked for one, too. And am I glad I did. She and Eran (he's the one on the left) are the core of Bootleg Tonic, a new NYC-based group, and The Splatto Festival is proud to have given them their first radio airplay and to host their first radio interview.

How good were they? Well, people came running to the studio to meet them yesterday--and I went to a gallery opening after the show and people there were talking about them. These things don't happen under normal circumstances.

They were just brilliant, and I can't wait to get them up here with a full band once we get into the new space.

Ananda Shankar: Jumpin Jack Flash

Hair of the Dog: Right All Right
Sparks: Dick Around

Steve Kahn and Donald Fagan: Reflections (monk trib)
Stephano Di Battista: Your Romance

Bootleg Tonic interview and performance

Nine Inch Nails: 10-13 Ghosts II

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