Saturday, March 22, 2008


This week we had Annette Ezekiel and Alicia Jo Rabins from Brooklyn klezmeristas Golem stop by before their Purim blow-out over to the Helsinki. And they dragged Splatto pal Mr. Rogovoy along for good measure, and I goaded him into asking a bunch of questions in Yiddish.

Some of these shows (like this one) are really special, I think I need to start posting them online every week so people can come get them..... Let me look into that...

I also have to start bringing a camera to the studio on Fridays.

Ananda Shankar: Jumpin Jack Flash

Richard Thompson: Needle and Thread, I'll Never Give It Up, Take Care of the Road You Choose, Mr. Stupid

Bootleg Tonic: Hard Times
Gonstermachers: My Sister She's Not a Dollar, Danse las Macher

Edwin Starr: Get Up Whirlpool
Roberta Flack: Reverend Lee

Golem interview and performance

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